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TELE is well known for its robust and reliable switching and coupling relays that are effortless and easy to assemble. The powerful relays can be used in numerous use-cases ranging from PLC controllers in machinery environments, HMIs for building automation purposes or control cabinets for car washes. The capability of switching small loads in a compact design bears a great alternative to conventional contactors.

Timing Relays

TELE timing relays contribute to more safety, more reliability, more efficiency, and sustainability.

They are used in all areas of industry, as well as in the renewable energy, water & waste and building management sectors – wherever reliable and precise switching is important.

Precise and reliable switching and control in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. Tele possesses more than 50 years of experience as Austrian market leader for qualitative timing relays.

Timing relays can make system and machine operation even more efficient. They check the time for you. For example, they switch off wind turbines after a preset time or fertilize grapevines for a defined timespan. Your production is never thrown off its rhythm, which saves money.

Monitoring Relays

measure and monitor current, voltage, temperature, frequency, level, power factor and active power. A variety of different enclosures for control technology, industrial systems, machinery and building installations allow for flexible use of relays. The rugged design offers excellent usability and install ability.

Power Monitors

TELE power monitoring systems offer significant advantages, particularly in situations in which monitoring tasks are usually carried out by sensors, measure variables such as the power factor of a motor or the true power of a pump or fan. These measurements provide indications and important information about the state and functioning of machinery and installations, which reduces maintenance costs, service works and downtime.

Grid and system protection

Autonomously working disconnecting unit for small power plants.

devices monitor the feed-in of energy to the 230/400 V grid. In case of a power failure or disruption by the energy supplier it is vital for small power plants to be disconnected within a few milliseconds to avoid any danger to people and equipment.

TELE Complimentary Products
  • Coupling units
  • Switching relays and sockets
  • Current transformers
  • Thyristor control units
  • Hour meters and timers
  • Switching power supplies

Measuring Technology

TELE has the solution for precise and reliable reading of electrical, electronic, and mechanical measured values. Depending on product and requirements, output of the measured values can be analog or digital.

The communication capable Sensact modules (Modbus RTU) offer compact power measurement in industrial or installation design.

For measurements of current or power, where analog output of the measured values is required, the sensors of the Gamma and Veo series with their analog outputs are used.

For measurements from temperature to active power in harsh industrial environments, the versatile Gamma series is perfect.

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