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Automation systems for all requirements

The requirements placed on modern machinery and systems are constantly increasing in all industries. With the automation systems from Siemens, you benefit from an extremely high level of efficiency, flexibility and economy while covering all requirements:

SIMATIC Industrial Automation Systems

Integrated and efficient

The scalable portfolio of the SIMATIC family ensures an optimal solution for every application. You, too, can benefit from the system consistency – in combination with the integrated engineering in the TIA Portal, you can significantly save costs and shorten your time-to-market.

The SIMATIC family comprises the following components that complement each other perfectly:

  • SIMATIC Controllers
  • I/O systems
  • Control systems.
  • Software for SIMATIC Controllers
  • Programming devices

SIMATIC controllers for cost-effective automation solutions

The right controller every time: for plant building, mechanical engineering, production or process engineering, small autonomous applications, as well as highly complex applications. Siemens offers the optimal control solution for every application area – whether PLC or PC-based.

The range encompasses logic modules including Basic, Advanced and Distributed Controllers, as well as Software Controllers.

  • SIMATIC Controllers
  • I/O systems
  • Control systems.
  • Software for SIMATIC Controllers
  • Programming devices

  • The compact, easy-to-use, and low-cost solution for simple control tasks.
  • Compact, easy to operate, universally applicable without accessories.
  • “All in one”: Integrated display and operator panel.
  • 43 different functions can be connected at the press of a button or by means of PC software: up to 400 times.
  • Functions are easy to change at the press of a button. No more time-consuming rewiring.

The LOGO! logic module is a convenient, user-friendly solution for simple open-loop and closed-loop control tasks.

LOGO! can be implemented universally, e.g.:

  • Building services/electrical installation sector (lights, blinds, awnings, gates, access control points, barriers, ventilation systems…).
  • Control cabinet manufacture.
  • Mechanical engineering (pumps, small presses, compressors, lifting platforms, conveyor belts …).
  • Special controls for conservatories, greenhouses.
  • Signal preprocessing for other controllers.
  • The LOGO! logic modules can be flexibly expanded to suit the application.

LOGO! is available in different variants for different supply voltages (12 V DC, 24 V DC, 24 V AC, 115/230 V DC, 115/230 V AC):

  • Standard versions.
  • Pure versions, cost-optimized without key control panel and display.

The LOGO! version have the following distinguishing features:

  • R: Relay output.
  • C: Clock/time switch.
  • E: Ethernet interface.
  • o: without display.

LOGO! is simple:

  • Key control panel and display in one device. Further tools are not required.
  • Power failure-proof backup of switching program and setpoints (e.g. timers) due to integrated EEPROM.
  • LOGO! offers maximum flexibility and can be implemented universally.
  • Expansion modules can be connected depending on the application.
  • Optional communications modules enable connection to KNX networks and Modbus RTU devices.
  • LOGO! can also communicate with SIMATIC Controllers, SIMATIC Panels or Modbus TCP/IP devices.

Basic Controllers

Basic Controllers are the intelligent choice for applications in the low to mid-performance range. They are available in standard and fail-safe versions. The integrated inputs and outputs as well as the integrated technology functions facilitate both compact and cost-effective solutions. With Basic Controllers, flexible solutions for simple networking with integrated and optional communication connections can be implemented.

Basic Controllers are configured and programmed in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal). You therefore benefit from maximum engineering efficiency, and as applications increase in complexity, you can easily transfer them to Advanced Controllers.

SIMATIC S7-1200 Controllers are the intelligent choice for compact automation solutions with integrated IOs, communication functions and technology functions for automation tasks in the lower to middle performance range. They are available in standard and fail-safe versions.

The scalable SIMATIC S7-1200 Controllers have integrated inputs and outputs as well as communication options and allow modular expansion. Digital and analog input and output modules as well as different communications and special modules enable flexible adaptation to the relevant automation task.

The seamless integration of SIMATIC Controllers into the common TIA Portal engineering framework permits the integrated storage of data, the smart library concept, and a uniform operating philosophy. This makes the use of universal functions particularly easy.

An efficient error analysis and fast error localization with the new uniform display concept – plain text information on the error message in TIA Portal, on the HMI, and in the web server – shortens commissioning times and minimizes production downtimes. SIMATIC S7-1200 offers you diagnostic functionality that is already integrated in the system, without the need for any further programming.

The SIMATIC S7-1200 Basic Controller can be perfectly adapted to the automation task at hand thanks to its comprehensive expansion options. The modular board concept permits an easy expansion of the controller without changing the physical size. Device replacement is simple, without rewiring through terminal strips.

Fail-safe automation is as easy to program as standard automation, and PROFIsafe devices are connected via PROFINET.

Simple Motion Control applications, fast counting and measuring tasks, as well as closed-loop control systems (PID) are integrated and can be implemented without additional expansion boards.

Secured communication, know-how protection, copy protection and access protection prevent manipulation, opening and duplication of blocks by unauthorized persons, and thus protect your algorithm or process.

With the integrated technology functions such as High-Speed Counter, pulse width modulation, pulse sequence outputs, speed control and positioning, SIMATIC S7-1200

Controllers are suitable for temperature controls, pump and fan controls, as well as conveyor technology including packaging machines.                                                                                                                      

The SIMATIC S7-1200 family consists of the following modules:

  • Compact controllers with graded performances in different variants as wide-range AC or DC controllers.
  • Signal boards (analog and digital) for low-cost modular controller expansion directly on the CPU, with retention of the mounting space.
  • Different digital and analog signal modules.
  • Different communications modules and processors.
  • Ethernet switch with 4 ports for implementation of many different network topologies
  • SIWAREX weighing systems connection module.
  • Condition Monitoring module for early detection of mechanical damage to drive trains.
  • PS 1207 stabilized power supplies, line voltage 115/230 V AC, rated voltage 24 V DC

The SIMATIC S7-1200 is equipped with a variety of communication mechanisms:

  • Integrated PROFINET IO Controller interface
  • Communications module with PROFIBUS DP master interface
  • Communications module with PROFIBUS DP slave interface
  • GPRS module for connection to GSM/G mobile networks
  • LTE module for communication in mobile networks of the 4th generation (long term evolution)
  • Communications processor for connection to TeleControl Server Basic control center software control center software via Ethernet, and for safe communication via IP-based networks
  • Communications processor for connection to control centers for telecontrol applications.
  • RF120C for connection to SIMATIC Ident systems.
  • Module SM1278 for connecting IO-Link sensors and actuators.
  • Point-to-point connection via communications modules or Communication Boards.
  • Point-to-point interface, freely programmable interface mode.

Advanced Controllers

The Advanced Controllers are especially suitable for medium and complex applications. The SIMATIC S7-1500 Controller is the long-term successor to the SIMATIC S7-300 and SIMATIC S7-400 Controllers in discrete automation and the standard for the plants of tomorrow – delivering convincing results with unique performance capability and innovative design and handling. SIMATIC S7 Controllers with modular expansion capability are long-term compatible, maintenance-free, scalable and can, of course, be configured in the TIA Portal. They are the ideal solution for any automation task. With its extended ambient conditions, the SIMATIC S7-1500 can be used almost anywhere. Many controllers can be operated in a temperature range from -30 °C to +60 °C and at altitudes up to 5,000 m as standard. A wide range of SIPLUS Controllers is available for requirements beyond this.

The SIMATIC S7-1500 is.

  • a modular, scalable, and universally usable system in IP20 degree of protection
  • the system solution for a variety of automation applications in discrete automation
  • maximum performance combined with excellent usability.
  • configurable in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal with STEP 7 Professional V12 or higher.
  • Increase in performance through,
    • Faster command execution
    • Language extensions
    • New data types
    • Faster backplane bus
    • Optimized code generation
  • High-performance communication:
    • PROFINET IO (2-port switch) as standard interface
    • OPC UA server (data access) and client as runtime option for the easy connection of SIMATIC S7-1500 to non-Siemens devices/systems
    • Expandable with communications modules for bus systems and point-to-point connection
  • Motion Control integrated without additional modules:
    • Standardized blocks (PLCopen) for connection of analog and PROFIdrive-capable drives
    • The Motion Control functionality supports speed axes, positioning axes, relative synchronous operation (synchronizing without specification of the synchronized position), as well as external encoders, output cams and probes.

Extended Motion Control functions such as velocity gearing, absolute synchronous operation (synchronizing with specification of the synchronized position), camming and functions for controlling kinematics are also integrated in the technology CPUs.

SIMATIC HMI operator control and monitoring systems

Integrated and efficient

Equipment for monitoring and operator control is needed wherever people have to work with or on machinery and plants performing diverse tasks from cylinder driers to waste compactors. It is not difficult to find the right device for your specific task. The challenge is to find a solution that is future-proof and flexible, that can be integrated into higher-level networks, and that can also meet the ever-increasing demands for transparency and data provision. SIMATIC HMI Panels have proven their value in a variety of different applications in all industrial sectors over many years. The range of the systems in use is just as wide as that of the applications and technologies in the respective plants.

SIMATIC HMI stands for highly efficient machine-level operator control and monitoring and has some unique advantages:

  • Efficient engineering
  • Visualization can be created more quickly and easily than ever before.
  • Innovative design and operation
  • Visualization becomes the outstanding feature of the machine.
  • Brilliant HMI operator panels
  • The right HMI device for every application.
  • Backup – with security
  • Protection for investments and know-how, secure operation.
  • Commissioning in the fast lane
  • Lose no time with testing and servicing.
  • Openness with PC-based

For flexible, independent applications

SITOP power supplies

SITOP – At the heart of automation

Thanks to their high degree of reliability, SITOP power supplies have established themselves around the world and can cope with even critical network conditions. Our complete range of power packs supplies regulated 24 volts and other output voltages. The unique range of DC UPS and add-on modules extends the power supply system: 24 V supplies are thus protected against interference from the grid and on the direct voltage side.

Three SITOP categories for different industrial power supply requirements

  • Advanced power supplies

For particularly high requirements, such as in the process and automotive industry or in special-purpose machine manufacturing.

  • Standard power supplies

For typical industrial requirements, such as in series machine manufacturing.

  • Basic power supplies

For the lower performance range, such as for the cost-sensitive segment or use in distribution boards.

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