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More than fifty years of experience, an organization with a strong focus on the customer’s needs and constant technological innovation have made Gefran a benchmark in the design and production of sensors, systems and components for industrial process automation and control. Expertise, flexibility and process quality are the factors that distinguish Gefran in the production of integrated tools and systems for specific applications in various fields of industry, with consolidated know-how in the plastics, mobile hydraulics, heating and lift sectors. Technology, innovation and versatility represent the catalogue’s added value, in addition to the ability to create specific application solutions in association with the world’s leading machine manufacturers.

To be trailblazers in new technology advancements we typically invest about 5% of our total turnover in re- search and development activities. Engineers, designers and software developers represent 14% of the Italian workforce. Collaboration with national and international research centers and universities guarantees a continuous transfer of knowledge and represent one of our success factors.


A complete range of PID controllers with front panel installation, for the precise control of process variables such as temperature, pressure, force, position and humidity. Fully scalable and available in both single loop and multi-loop versions, these controllers satisfy the most varied application needs also thanks to advanced logic and mathematical functions and connectivity features, including remotely.


Instruments dedicated to all the applications that require a clear and precise display of the process variables, capable of detecting alarm thresholds with visual indications and digital signalling outputs.


A large portfolio of modular Power Controllers up to 600A, for heating processes control with electric heaters like Resistive/ Infrared (SWIR) / MoSi2 / SiC / Graphite and Transformer.

Gefran power controllers integrate the main Fieldbus communication protocols in addition to the diagnostic and predictive maintenance functions.


Available in sizes from 15 to 120 A, with integrated diagnostics and an ultra compact and particularly strong design.
Ideal for a wide range of electric heating applications.


Transducers to measure the pressure of fluids (liquid or gaseous) in various industrial applications. Also available in ATEX intrinsic safety versions for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


The transducers for pressure measurement at high temperatures (up to 538 °C) are available with different filling systems or with patented IMPACT fluid-free technology. They are the ideal solution for the most common extruded materials such as plastic, polyurethane foams or expanded foams, food products or two-component resins.


A unique range of transducers used for controlling the tension of plastic film, paper or fabric, including unique strain sensors for temporary or static measurements of force or compression / tensile load.


A complete range of resistance thermometers and thermocouples that can be fully customised according to the type of application, environmental conditions, temperature range and required accuracy.


Thanks to the magnetostrictive HYPERWAVE technology, the primary element de- tects the position without mechanical contact, eliminating wear and use-related problems. Extremely versatile and available with different strokes, both with profile mechanics for external mounting and with rod mechanics for installation inside a cylinder, these sensors represent the ideal solution for position measurements in the most varied applications.



TWIIST is the innovative multivariable sensor that can measure position, linear acceleration, angular acceleration and temperature at the same time. All thanks to a patented system for the position measurement based on the 3D Hall effect. With environmental protection, shock and vibration resistance this product represents an ideal measurement solution in various industrial and mobile hydraulics sectors.


Very resistant position transducers, designed for measuring angular positions, inclination or considerable lengths, suitable for use outdoors and in particularly harsh conditions.


Panel PC unit (3.5” to 15” in size) with advanced control and graphics functions in a single product.
HMI interfaces with capacitive multi-touch screens (10” to 21” in size), also in IP67 version, for the management of PLCs from inside the panel. Touchscreen controllers (10” to 15” in size) with dedicated keyboard, available in different sizes, for injection machines.

All of these automation products are Industry 4.0 compliant and include OPC UA and MQTT functionality.


High performance remote modular I/O. Compact design with high I/O density per module for installation in small spaces. High performance Fast-ethernet GDnet, Ethercat or CANopen protocol with easy i ntegration into third party products. Our offer includes a custom I/O module which main characteristic is that it is assembled according to user requirements, combining different type inputs and outputs on the same card, in the quantities required. In this way you can adapt perfectly to the requirements of the machine or system to be controlled. The modules can be prepared for assembly on DIN runner or plate.

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