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Absolute rotary encoders

From miniature to heavy duty

Contelec’s Vert-X product family offers a wide selection of absolute rotary encoders, from miniature to heavy duty. The sensors are available in a range of versions, allowing optimal implementation of every application.

The proven contactless measuring system is wear-free and guarantees a long lifespan and high precision.

Available Models:

  • Vert-X 13
  • Vert-X 16
  • Vert-X 21
  • Vert-X 22
  • Vert-X 24
  • Vert-X 26
  • Vert-X 28
  • Vert-X 29
  • Vert-X 37
  • Vert-X 51
  • Vert-X 79
  • Vert-X 88
  • Vert-X TI

Multiturn rotary encoders

Multiturn rotary encoders

Angle measurement for larger distances

In addition to the single turn position, Contelec’s multiturn rotary encoders record the number of turns and allow battery-free, self-sufficient operation without gears. This means that large linear distances can be measured rotationally.

Available Models:

  • Vert-X 28MT
  • Vert-X 37MT

Non-contacting rotary encoders

A new degree of freedom

With Contelec’s non-contacting measuring method, there is no mechanical connection between the magnetic actuator and the actual measuring system.

Encoders with this non-contacting measuring method operate without any mechanical wear and are tolerant of axial misalignment, tipping of the magnetic actuator, vibration and changes in operating distance.

Available Models:

  • Vert-X 05E
  • Vert-X 13E
  • Vert-X 22E
  • Vert-X 31E
  • Vert-X 32E
  • Vert-X 48E
  • Vert-X 60E
  • Vert-X 90E


Conductive plastic and cermet potentiometers

Contelec’s potentiometers are precision designed for reliability and durability, robustness and resistance.

Thanks to decades of development and production, Contelec is able to offer a huge range of attractively priced conductive plastic and cermet potentiometers. The possibility of custom variations means that solutions are available for virtually any application.

Available Models:

  1. Cermet
  • PC20 (Rotary sensor)
  • PC90 (Rotary sensor)
  • PC260 / 262 (Rotary sensor)
  1. Conductive plastic
  • GL (Hollow-shaft rotary sensor)
  • KL (Linear transducer)
  • ML (Multiturn rotary sensor)
  • PL20 (Rotary sensor)
  • PL130 (Rotary sensor)
  • PL240 (Rotary sensor)
  • PL290 (Rotary sensor)
  • PL300 (Rotary sensor)
  • PL310 (Rotary sensor)
  • WAL200 (Hollow-shaft rotary sensor)
  • WAL300 (Hollow-shaft rotary sensor)
  • WAL305 (Hollow-shaft rotary sensor)
  • WAL600 (Hollow-shaft rotary sensor)

Protection, Switching, Measuring and Monitoring Devices

The right accessories make installation easier, ensure optimal functionality of the rotary encoders and linear transducers and reduce the amount of time spent on developing and commissioning the applications.

  • Installation accessories.
  • Unique range of levers available
  • Low-cost prototypes
  • Custom and application-specific accessories possible
  • Full solution, with sensor and tailored accessories, from a single source

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