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Pizzato Elettrica is one of the leading European manufacturers of position switches, microswitches, safety devices, safety modules, foot switches, control and signalling devices, and devices for lifts. An entrepreneurial company such as Pizzato Elettrica bases its foundations on a solid and widely shared value system. The pillars that form the basis of the company’s work have remained constant and constitute the fundamental guiding principles for all company activities.

Passion for product quality, orientation towards excellence, innovation, and continuous development, represent the key principles of Pizzato Elettrica’s everyday work. Anyone using Pizzato Elettrica’s products does so in the certainty that these devices are of certified quality, since they are the result of a process that is scrupulously controlled at every stage of the production. The company’s goal is to offer the market safe, reliable, and innovative solutions

Position Switches

  1. Position switches for standard applications.
  2. Position switches for heavy applications.
  3. Modular pre-wired position switches.
  4. Position switches for indoor use.
  5. Microswitches
  6. Switches for special applications.

Pizzato Elettrica position switches are daily installed in every type of industrial machinery all over the world for applications in the sector of wood, metal, plastic, automotive, packaging, lifting, medicinal, naval, etc.

To be used in a wide variety of sectors and countries, Pizzato Elettrica position switches are designed to be assembled in a lot of configurations, thanks to a wide range of body shapes, dozens of contact blocks, hundreds of actuators and materials, different actuating forces and several fixing methods.

Pizzato Elettrica can offer one of the widest product range of position s witches in the world. Moreover, the use of high-quality materials, high reliability technologies (e.g. twin bridge contact blocks) as well as the IP67 protection degree make this range of position switches one of the most technologically evolved.

These devices are designed to be used under the toughest environmental conditions, and they pass the IP67 immersion test according to EN 60529. They can therefore be used in all environments where the maximum degree of protection is required for the housing.

These devices are also available in a special version suitable for an ambient operating temperature range from -40oC up to +80oC. They can therefore be used for applications in cold stores, sterilizers and other equipment operated in very low temperature environments. The special materials used to produce these versions retain their characteristics even under these conditions, thereby expanding the installation possibilities.

Safety Devices

  1. Safety switches with separate actuator
  2. Magnetic safety sensors
  3. Safety sensors with RFID technology
  4. Safety switches for hinged doors
  5. Safety switches with separate actuator and lock
  6. Safety handles P-KUBE
  7. Rope safety switches
  8. Housings with emergency pushbuttons
  9. Control device units
  10. Single and Multifunctional safety modules – Gemnis series
  11. P-Connect connection gateway for safety devices
  12. Passive junction boxes

Human Machine Interface

  1. Foot Switches
  2. Push Buttons
  3. Emergency buttons
  4. Selector Switches
  5. Sockets
  6. Indicator lights
  7. Potentiometers
  8. Joystick
  9. Buzzers

Lift Devices

  1. Position switches for standard applications.
  2. Position switches for heavy applications.
  3. Switches with manual reset
  4. Switches for over-speed devices with manual reset
  5. Switches with electrical reset.
  6. Door switches
  7. Operator switches
  8. Lift control stations
  9. Safety modules for lift floor leveling.
  10. Signaling switches


  1. M12 connectors
  2. M8 connectors
  3. M23 connectors
  4. Passive junction boxes
  5. Accessories MK-MS-MF series
  6. Accessories ATEX
  7. Accessories for wiring
  8. Security screws
  9. Fixing plates
  10. Accessories PC series
  11. Accessories EROUND line
  12. Separate actuators for safety switches FR-FX-FK-FW series
  13. Separate actuators for safety switches FR-FX-FK-FW series
  14. Separate actuators for position switches
  15. Accessories NA-NB-NF
  16. Accessories SR series
  17. Accessories HP-HX series
  18. Accessories FG-FS-NG-NS series
  19. Separate actuators for safety switches FD-FP-FL-FC-FS series
  20. Accessories signalling switches
  21. LED signalling lights
  22. Accessories for lift control stations
  23. Accessories for rope safety switches

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